Recommendations for the Best Gold Lane Hero in Mobile Legend 2024

In the Mobile Legend game there are 3 lanes which are divided into Gold lane, Mid Lane and Exp lane. It is known that Gold One is much sought after by players because they get the opportunity to collect coins more easily and quickly after killing creeps. The purpose of collecting coins is to buy build items so that you can increase the hero’s power level to become stronger in a faster game time. Any hero can get this opportunity, but it is more recommended for Assassin, Tank and Fighter heroes who have better defense than other heroes.

Gold Lane is a faster way to earn coins that can be obtained from enemy creeps and surrounding forest monsters. To be able to win the game with certainty and accuracy, you need to know the hero’s mastery on the lane that has been determined. Below we recommend some of the best and most reliable Gold Lane heroes.

Collection of Gold Lane Mobile Legend Bang Bang Super Heroes


Hanabi is a Marksman hero who has the skill of reflecting attacks around locked targets. By having high damage on your opponent, you can of course use up more than 1/2 of the hero’s heal. Hanabi can excel in the late game when she has managed to collect all the right build items. Not only does it deal strong damage, but its speed will also increase, making it easy to finish off nearby opponents.


Claude is a hero who has overpower, so he is very suitable to be placed in the Gold lane to collect gold coins to improve his skills more quickly. With great damage and supported by fast speed, this hero is often banned in Rank mode or becomes the first choice hero contested by 2 teams. So that Claude’s strength can be perfectly formed properly, you can use the recommended build items in the form of Demon Hunter Sword, Swift Boots, Golden Staff, Scarlet Phantom, Berserker’s Fury, Windtalker, and Blade of Despair.


Beatrix has a wide range of damage in her ultimate skill. This makes it easier for Beatrix to paralyze enemies at long distances. If players have a good opportunity, of course they can choose Beatrix as their main hero. In fact, this hero is often banned in ranked game mode because it is quite scary for the enemy. Placing Beatrix in the Gold lane, of course you have to bring the Flickers spell so you can escape from your opponent’s siege quickly.


Irithel is a Marksman hero who is famous for his ability to attack while moving. This extraordinary ability is thanks to the passive skill, Jungle Heart, which allows him to shoot additional arrows after moving a certain distance. Apart from that, Irithel can reduce the enemy’s physical defense, slow down speed, and provide an explosion thanks to his Ultimate skill which allows enemies to be killed quickly. You can also rely on this hero to be placed in the Gold lane so you can buy build items more easily.


Bruno, who is a Marksman hero, can also be relied on in tracing the Gold lane route. Having attacks with Crowd Control abilities and fast mobility, makes Bruno quite troublesome for the opposing team to handle. Bruno can be said to be an overpowered hero to date, even though he was released in meta season 17. By choosing the Gold Lane position, it makes it easier for this hero to obtain 3 main build items which will increase his attack abilities more strongly at the start of the game.


One of the Marksman heroes who can be played easily is Miya. This hero can be placed on the Gold Lane to speed up the purchase of build items. Miya has the stun skill to freeze enemies for a certain amount of time which is effective for being killed by teammates. By collecting coins faster through Gold Lane, Miya can buy arrow items to increase stronger attacks and finish off enemies in a few shots. Continue to shoot enemies, minions or forest monsters in order to stabilize the strong power which effectively makes the enemy hero’s blood disappear by 50%. With the Ultimate skill which makes it disappear in a few moments, it can be used to quickly escape from enemy encirclement.

So, those are some recommendations for the best and most popular Gold Lane heroes in Mobile Legends that you can choose to win the game and occupy the MVP position.